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It has become very popular for businesses to now become more dependent on computerized technology.   

Because of this, it is important  to have basic computer skills. 


Many jobs would like you to have general web & communication skills. This includes setting up & managing the basics such as email. 


Let us set up training to get you started

Today’s job market is mainly virtual & the application process can be very time consuming & frustrating especially if you don’t know where to start with the process. 


Need Direction with your job search or interviewing skills? 


At Mission Rebirth, we provide free career training to advance your skills & help with resources for job opportunities. Our office has computers for use upon appointment as well. 

Mission Rebirth has teamed with other agencies to offer free legal help to low-income people. They help in areas of Bankruptcy, Employment Law, Landlord-Tenant, Unemployment, Domestic Violence, and other Family Law. Speak with one of our associates today for an appointment. 





At Mission Rebirth, we understand that mental health plays a big part in ones emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It also helps determine how one will handle stress, relate to others, & make healthy choices. We have partnered to provide comprehensive and confidential Therapy Services to help with Anxiety & Depression, Family, Grief, & Marriage. Our partners also help with money & anger management skills.

Speak with one of our associates today for an appointment.

We have partnered to be able to provide qualifying low income clients with a free cell phone. The phone will come with free monthly calling, data, and unlimited free texting. 

We are now serving clients at our new location!

1615 Poydras Street Suite 900

New Orleans, LA. 70112.



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Mission Rebirth was founded September 25, 2020 and we received our 501c3 status January 22, 2021. We started our services to help rehabilitate back into society women who are formerly incarcerated, justice involved, or that just have blemished backgrounds. 


Our original goal was to educate and train our clients so that they can successfully transition back into society. We wanted to help them to find jobs, help with resume writing, basic computer skills, as well as helping them fill out applications for employment, housing, social security, and other assistance. We wanted to become an agency with wrap around services and to provide linkages to all the services they needed in one place.


We got our 1st office location in New Orleans (1615 Poydras Street suite 900 New Orleans LA. 70112) in March of 2021. Once we started seeing clients in the office, we also saw a need for help with getting ID Cards, Social Security cards, Birth Certificates, mental health evaluations and medical needs. We saw that the majority of our clients were either on the streets homeless, sleeping under bridges upon returning home or staying house to house every few days. These same women needed to get medical insurance, a place to lay their heads, a phone to find a job, a way to check in with the probation/parole office, they needed to check on their children, call for transportation for appointments/job interviews, they needed child care to start a job, also internet access just to google COVID testing locations & bus routes. If that wasn’t enough, they still needed to find other resources to make sure they were able to feed themselves day to day. It was at this point that we realized the immediate barriers before helping with work force issues.

Here is a list of our added services and accomplishments since March 2021:

·         We have become a community partner with the Department of Children Family Services (DCFS) to help assist our clients with SNAP/DSNAP to get food, Medicaid for medical needs, and CCAP for daycare assistance. Doing this allows our clients to focus on rebuilding their lives. 


·         We purchased a Case Management program to keep track of our services and keep our clients on a road to success through guidance. 


·         We partnered to provide free government cell phones to qualifying participants.


·         We purchased toiletry bags (each bag has 2 bars of soap, shampoo & conditioner, comb/brush set, toothbrush & toothpaste, deodorant, hand sanitizer, face masks, lotion, q-tips, cotton balls, & feminine products). We give these to our homeless women in need at their initial intake appointments. 


·         We provide bus passes with Jefferson transit and RTA to help them get to job interviews, check in with probation/parole, get to work, or to get to our appointments. 


·         We have partnered with Project ID so we are now able to pay for our clients Drivers License/ID cards along with their Birth Certificates. 


·         We found 5 felon friendly employers that are willing to employ some of our qualifying women. 


·         We partnered with Full Circle which is a For-Profit agency willing to provide entrepreneur training at a discounted rate (they also help get them started with getting an EIM, LLC, DUNS number, & provide their first set of business cards, etc.). 


·         We work with Operation Restoration (another non-profit who helps the same population of women) to get training for GED/HISet. 


·         We have done a few food drives for women who are here due to being sex trafficked and victims of domestic violence in hiding. We work with the Family Justice Center and Southeastern Legal Services for these women to get restraining orders and shelter for hiding. We also work closely with a non-profit called Arin’s Nesting Place which provides skills for domestic violence and recovery. 


·         We work with several of our local homeless shelters & get our clients placed so that they may have somewhere to stay until they qualify for temporary/permanent supportive housing.


·         Due to us seeing a lot of justice involved women with different types of violent crimes in their backgrounds, we also formed a partnership with the City of New Orleans Gun Violence Prevention Office. On June 4th 2021 they sponsored our first event with the Cure the Violence team. We had about 80 people in attendance and 8 guest speakers. For legal services, addiction services, domestic abuse, a mental health specialist, entrepreneur training organizations, housing organizations, and with Keedy Black as a spiritual/motivational speaker. We had about 80 people in attendance including several of our clients that referred new clients to our organization.


·         We did a Back to School drive in St. Gabriel in August to help women provide school supplies for their children returning back to school.


·         We most recently in September 2021 have partnered to be able to provide classes on workforce training, credit repair, budgeting etc. We are going to be able to provide free laptops and internet for our clients in attendance for this training. 


. We have also partnered with Old Algiers Main Street in order to offer free tuition for CNA training. Our women clients will also get a stipend while in school and help with some child care expenses. The will help with state certifications and/or help with job placement.


·         As Louisiana was hit hard by our most recent hurricane (Ida) on August 31, 2021, Mission Rebirth has helped by being in the field helping with DSNAP (disaster food stamps), helping clients with FEMA applications, and helping our displaced clients find shelter.



 As a result, we have now serviced

 204 women as of today since March 1, 2021. 

kanneya logo2_edited.png


1615 Poydras Street,

New Orleans, Louisiana 70112, United States

Toll Free 1-800-926-6774


Direct # 504-648-6755



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