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Ms. Kay Closet.

Gently used clothes, toiletries, and work attire. 


ID Cards/ Birth Certificate

We help you get your ID card / birth certificate as needed. 


SNAP & Medicaid

We assist you with applying for your food stamps and Medicaid.

Job Candidate

Work force development 

Today’s job market is mainly virtual & the application process can be very time consuming & frustrating especially if you don’t know where to start with the process. 


Need Direction with your job search or interviewing skills? 


At Mission Rebirth, we provide free career training to advance your skills & help with resources for job opportunities. Our office has computers for use upon appointment as well. 


Primary care doctor visits 

We help set you up to see a primary care doctor.  



It has become very popular for businesses to now become more dependent on computerized technology.   

Because of this, it is important  to have basic computer skills. 


Many jobs would like you to have general web & communication skills. This includes setting up & managing the basics such as email. 


Let us set up training to get you started

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At Mission Rebirth, we understand that mental health plays a big part in ones emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It also helps determine how one will handle stress, relate to others, & make healthy choices. We have partnered to provide comprehensive and confidential Therapy Services to help with Anxiety & Depression, Family, Grief, & Marriage. Our partners also help with money & anger management skills.

Speak with one of our associates today for an appointment.

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FREE Government Phones

We have partnered to be able to provide qualifying low income clients with a free cell phone. The phone will come with free monthly calling, data, and unlimited free texting. 

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Assist With Housing/Shelter

At Mission Rebirth we help with application's for housing or assistance with finding shelter as well. 

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